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The Military Ball is being held this Friday, the 23rd. The ball will be at ChangePoint Church and is starting from 6pm to 11pm. For cadets who have rides, try to arrive at the ball around 5:45pm at the latest. And those that don't, a bus will be available for you and your guests. The bus will be at the poolside entrance, so please show up on time and get there no later than 4:30pm. And please behave and dress accordingly as the ball is a Formal Joint Event with the other JROTC programs. Cadets who are in uniform should remember to wear a white button up shirt with a black bowtie. For further information on the dress codes and regulations, please turn to the slideshow provided by our staff.
It's now wintertime!  Cadets, it's essential to STAY VISIBLE AND AWARE when outside for your safety and others around you. Especially if you drive. Roads are icy.  Stay Safe.

Support Our Extra-Curricular Competition Teams!

The Army JROTC program is free of charge to join the program.

Uniforms, marksmanship, and drill rifles cost nothing to use, and being on the competition teams that use them is free as well.

But the activities we strive to be part of are not.

Fee's for competitions and travel to and from these competitions come with a price tag.

Cadets are busy doing great things for their school and community and try really hard to conduct fundraisers.

If you are a fan of the program or are just interested in seeing these motivated young people change their and others' lives reach out to an instructor at the contact information located below or email us.

Email addresses are in the "About Us " link and select Instructor information and you will see all three awesome JROTC instructors.

Thanks for considering supporting a Cadet!

The Army JROTC Mission:

To motivate young people to be better citizens.


The Army JROTC Vision:

Providing a quality citizenship, character, and leadership development program while fostering partnerships with communities and educational institutions.

Major Erskine's Youtube Channel

Join Major Erskine's YouTube Channel, the official Channel of the Thunderbird Battalion.

Relive marquee Tbird JROTC moments and get a great feeling for what JROTC at BDEAHS is all about.

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Upcoming & Current Events

Military Ball -Feb 23
Build-a-Cadet at Wendler
-Feb 27-29
Build-a-Cadet at Clark
-Mar 1

Community Service

These Opportunities will be posted as they become available ON THE CLASSROOM COMMUNITY SERVICE BOARD. Sign up and info will be announced during class and on the Battalion Facebook Group Page.

If you are currently conducting or are looking for Community Service tell your instructor so you and the battalion can receive credit for it.

Flag Detail
Every morning at 7:15 AM Thunderbird cadets are tasked with raising our nation's and state's colors.
Do your part as a leader and conduct this distinguishing duty with pride and professionalism. Duty Rosters are posted in all three classrooms.
Get there early in the morning and check for your name weekly.


School Address, Phone, and Fax Numbers

Bettye Davis East Anchorage High School
4025 E Northern Lights Blvd
Anchorage, Alaska 99508

JROTC Office

(907) 742-2332 or 2797 Voice  (907) 742-2345 Fax


Send any correspondence or packages care of the Army JROTC Battalion

  • Thunderbird Battalion Facebook Page
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