Welcome back to school!
"You Are an Army Junior ROTC Cadet!" God Bless you all!

Welcome New Cadets!

Summer Camp Review

Click here for an article about the 2021 mini JCLC camp.

The Cadet Creed

I am an Army Junior ROTC Cadet.


I will always conduct myself to bring credit to my family, country, school and the Corps of Cadets.


 I am loyal and patriotic. I am the future of the United States of America.


  I do not lie, cheat or steal and will always be accountable for my actions and deeds.


 I will always practice good citizenship and patriotism.


 I will work hard to improve my mind and strengthen my body.


I will seek the mantle of leadership and stand prepared to uphold the Constitution and the American way of life.


May God grant me the strength to always live by this creed

School Address, Phone and Fax Numbers

East Anchorage High School
4025 E Northern Lights Blvd
Anchorage, Alaska 99508

JROTC Office

(907) 742-2332 or 2797 Voice  (907) 742-2345 Fax


Send any correspondence or packages care of the Army JROTC Battalion

Graduation 2021
Graduation 2021

Cadet Charish Burch graduating!

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Graduation 2021
Graduation 2021

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Pep Assembly
Pep Assembly

Color Guard performances at East are elegant and professional; REGARDLESS of the cadet performing!

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Graduation 2021
Graduation 2021

Cadet Charish Burch graduating!

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The Army JROTC Mission:

To motivate young people to be better citizens.


The Army JROTC Vision:

Providing a quality citizenship, character, and leadership development program while fostering partnerships with communities and educational institutions.

Upcoming & Current Events

Car Wash - Sep 18th

Raider - Sep 25th

Wacko - Oct 15th

Ask Major about Gold Cards and Car Wash Tickets

Team Practices 
Raider Practice M-F 2:15-3:30

Battalion Newsletters




More Kahoots and other study games will be coming soon!

Major Erskine's Youtube Channel

Below is information regarding the Facebook page.

 Watch for new announcements here as well as on our Facebook page.


Not a member of the Thunderbird Battalion CLOSED Facebook Page?


Send your request to "East High School JROTC Thunderbird Battalion" in the "Find a group" window on your Facebook.


Keep up with your favorite T-Bird buddies and JROTC activities in a safe and friendly environment administrated by 1SG Watts.


Appropriate account ID names and photos only, please.

Community Service

With COVID 19 being a real challenge, JROTC Cadets may be able to find opportunities for community service with agencies who need phone help or delivery assistance. If you are currently conducting or are looking for Community Service tell your instructor so you and the battalion can receive credit for it.

   Doing Flag Detail Duty

Every morning at 7:15 AM Thunderbird cadets are tasked with raising our nation's and state's colors. Do your part as leaders and conduct this distinguishing duty with pride and professionalism. Duty Rosters are posted in all three classrooms. Get there early in the morning and check for your name weekly.

  • Thunderbird Battalion Facebook Page

Alteration and Cleaning Shop

University Cleaners & Alterations is the authorized service provider for alterations on the cadet uniform.


Located at 2042 E. Northern Lights Blvd Anchorage, AK next to Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant (Closed on Sundays)


Contact them at

99508 (907) 277-7267 


Thank you University Cleaners for your service to the best looking cadets in Army JROTC!